Sex offender stabs cop, escapes in Grapevine

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GRAPEVINE, TX – A Texas-sized manhunt is underway for a convict who used a Houston detour to escape two Florida detectives.

41-year-old Alberto Morales was being escorted from Miami to Las Vegas, on his way to serve life sentences for aggravated sexual assault.

Prior to landing in Houston for a layover, officials say Morales began acting erratically, which caused them to miss the connecting flight to Las Vegas.

So instead, the trio rented a vehicle and hit the road. The group made it to a Walmart in the Dallas area, where they awaited a third officer to help out with the ground transport.

While one officer was using the restroom, police say that’s when Morales used an unknown weapon to stab 28-year veteran Jaime Pardinas multiple times and fled. Pardinas is in serious but stable condition following surgery.

Now Morales can add four more warrants to his name: attempted capital murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault on a police officer and escape.

Well, that’s one way to land yourself on the Texas most wanted list.

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