Sexcereal claims to be breakfast for bed

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TORONTO, CANADA – Looking for more snap, crackle and pop in your performance? There’s a new breakfast cereal that claims to improve your sexual health one sexy spoonful at a time.

The makers of Sexcereal want you to “rise and shine” with their product, which comes packaged in his and hers varieties. The nutrient rich granola mix touts ability to increase testosterone in guys, while the batch for babes claims to control hormonal balance. Wheaties might be the breakfast of champions, but Sexcereal wants to be the breakfast of sluts.

Kooky canuck businessman Peter Ehrlich, came up with the campaign to cross sex and health food and now his cereal is quickly rising to fame all across the great white north. Bamm-Bamm Berry Pebbles, Honey Smacks and Trix might all be sugary teases, but this Canadian creation claims it has the goods to help you deliver. Even tony the tiger is a mere pussy cat next to this cereal.

Instead of breakfast in bed, Sexcereal wants to be your breakfast for bed. But at $12 per 300 gram bag, it’s definitely not a cheap thrill; making a mouthful of this morning meal a little hard to swallow.


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