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PLAINFIELD, CT – When it comes to football, everyone knows players may take serious hits on the field.

For a high school football team in Plainfield, their hits came off the field when sexting became the name of the game. The entire team got benched and hit with suspensions after photos of naked girl students were exchanged.

“Just a bunch of boys getting a bunch of nude pictures from a bunch of different kind of girls exposing it multiple ways in a group message,” one player said who wants to remain anonymous.

He claims 13 of his teammates were part of the group sexting chat on social media; and says at least 5 girls in the photos were students; some as young as freshmen.

Some friends of players say sexting in schools is not uncommon, and they’re not surprised.

“I know it definitely is in just about every high school it happens,” said Drew Daley.

Cory Sipos said, “It’s definitely an issue in all high schools so it’s no surprise that it was going on.”

Can’t help but wonder if these players were trying to score off the field; but that will be up to the school and the Plainfield Police Department to review, while it reportedly looks into a separate incident involving inappropriate video that no one has seen.

So far, the principal has only canceled the school’s football game scheduled for this Friday night.  So, you know what that means.  No Friday night lights, but no word on the rest of the season.

Besides team suspensions, no word on what penalties players will face individually.  A forfeit has gotta hurt, but not as much as the embarrassment they may have caused others.