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HOUSTON, TX – Gas wasn’t the only thing being pumped at this gas station in southeast Houston. A woman is being held by the Houston Police Department, because she’s accused of pumping lead into a man last night and it was all caught by the service station’s surveillance camera.

The deadly shooting happened around 7pm Sunday at a Gulf gas station on Cullen. Cop say an altercation between a female and a male ended up with the male shot multiple times at close range.

The surveillance video is obviously helping the investigation.

Police claim the woman was pumping gas when an a 58-year-old man approached her. It seems to show some kind of uncomfortable situation brewing. The man leaves then comes back; perhaps  a bit too close to the woman. The video then shows the woman taking a .22 caliber rifle out of her trunk and then that’s when the man takes a swing at her. Moments later, the man is shot and dies at the scene.

The woman left the scene before cops arrived, but she was later caught. Officials say a knife was found on the man. A Harris County grand jury is expected to determine what, if any,  charges may be filed against the woman.

And about the video; you gotta wonder how many times the grand jury will look at it.