Shoplifter’s family sues Walmart

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HOUSTON, TX – A death at a Houston Walmart because someone apparently didn’t pay, may result in a $5 million ‘payday’ for surviving family members.

An off-duty Harris County sheriff’s deputy says he fired in self-defense when he shot 27-year-old Shelly Marie Frey last December in a Walmart parking lot along the North Freeway at West Road.

Investigators say Frey and two other women were trying to make their getaway after shoplifting from the store.

Deputy Louis Campbell told investigators Frey hit him with her purse when he tried to stop them from leaving the store. He said he chased them to their car and fired at least twice into the car when the driver tried to run him down.

The car and the women ended up at a nearby apartment complex. Frey died with two bullets in her neck. The other two women and Frey’s children, who also were in the car, were not hurt.

Frey’s family has filed a wrongful death suit against Walmart, deputy Campbell, and the private security firm that hired him. They want a total of $5,750,000, claiming the deputy used excessive force and that Walmart should have provided enough security to prevent shoplifting and to safely detain suspects.

Walmart denies the allegations, naturally. About the only thing anyone agrees on is that one woman is dead and her kids are without a mom.



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