Show Me the Money: Pet influencers rake in cash from TikTok videos

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HOUSTON (CW39) The popularity of TikTok has turned some pets into internet sensations and their owners are making big bucks off their viral videos.

BuzzBingo has analyzed the top 40 animal accounts on TikTok to reveal the 2021 Pet TikTok Richlist. Tiger King star Kody Antle’s tiger is TikTok’s top earning pet, at $69,380.73 per post. Antle’s TikTok page has 21.9 million followers and more than 297 million likes.

In second place is Pomeranian Jiff Pom, who can expect $66,529.47 per post at 21 million followers. Floofnoodles the ferret comes third, with 13.1 million followers and an expected rate of $41,501.73 per post.

Below are the top 10 Pet Influencers:

Courtesy: BuzzBingo

Just to put that into perspective, the average salary in the U.S. is $48,672, which means the average person would have to work for 1 year & 5 months to earn the same as what Kody Antle earns in one post. You can find the full study by clicking this link.

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