Simon Says: All of the candidates suck!

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A guy I used to work with used to say to me, "Steve, of all the people here, I dislike you the least."

Ya know, his words have real meaning today when it comes to the presidential candidates. Don’t you feel picking one of them is really deciding who you hate the least?

Now that we're in primary season, the primary concern for many of us should be,"Would you really want to hang with any of these people?"

It used to be the beer factor was the standard on which all candidates were judged. Well, how can you have happy hour with a bunch of people who remind you people of some things that aren’t happy?

Hillary is a bad nurse from a great movie.

"The fact is we had four dead Americans."

"Now you sit down and wait your turn."

The Donald is the arm twister.

"Get him out. Take him. Get him out of here."

 "Oh, you think this funny?"

You get the point here. Bernie Sanders -- separated at birth from Larry David -- is not good.

"What’s the deal with email anyway?"

The same with Ben Carson and Jeb Bush having the same charisma, or that Marco Rubioreminds us of the fraternity president who was never wrong, or that people online thinkTed Cruz sells used cars.

Admit it: We’re voting for someone we really do dislike the least. Imagine if we had that same mentality when we picked a babysitter, a car, a partner or a dog.  You’d never be truly content. So I guess when it comes to Vote 2016, we're not trying to be happy.


We just want to be less miserable.



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