Simon Says: Are you pissed at Putin? Sure doesn’t feel like it!

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HOUSTON-- I loved the good ol’ days when the Russians were our enemy.

Yes, the former Soviet Union and Communism had us up at night and fighting wars.

We hated them.
They hated us.

Communism fell and then things cooled off.  Now, it’s time to turn up the heat!

Is it just me? Where’s the outrage, the angry mobs, protesting a fact that is not fake news: THE RUSSIANS INTERFERED IN THE 2016 ELECTION.

Think about it. A foreign government hacks our democracy, and it seems the only upset people are talking heads on cable news. It feels like rest of us are asleep.

You can hire special prosecutors all day and give good soundbites from Washington, but don’t you feel like the anger over this hasn’t hit your street?

Imagine if Russia hacked us 40-50 years ago?   We’d be at Defcon 5, practicing how to “duck and cover.”

But today, it feels like people in Washington are just looking for political “cover.”

So, what do we do?  Boycott Russian products?

Stay away from Russian Dressing on your salad, a white Russian at happy hour?

How about hitting the streets, people?

We’re good at protesting lately, but how about a million people in Washington, emptying bottles of Stoli Vodka on the National Mall?

That will send a message.

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