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HOUSTON — So, what’s keeping President Trump up at night lately? The Russians?  Hillary? Nope!

You have to believe there’s a a good chance at 3 a.m., he’s asking himself if the porn star and Playboy Centerfold were worth it.

Especially now that we’re hearing how his former lawyer, Michael Cohen,  paid them off to keep quiet.

But throughout all this, I keep on thinking about one soundbite .

The one he used as a debate to defend the size of his manhood.

Trump said there was “no problem” down there, but there is one now!

Because he’s learning the hard way, how an affair can cause problems, trickle down into even other issues you never saw coming years after that first unfaithful kiss.

He could have just watched “The Affair” on Showtime.  Those characters are still dealing with the aftermath of an affair five years ago.

Its great drama. I think Trump would fit right in.

Kids listen up!

One of the biggest life lessons we’re getting these days is how infidelity can have a way of opening infinite ways to impact not only your life, but others close to you for a lifetime.

God didn’t put our brains below our waist, but somehow so many impactful decisions come from down there.  All for a few minutes, or seconds, of satisfaction.

President Trump can’t be feeling very satisfied from those flings. Affairs where he may have told Melania, “it didn’t mean a damn thing”

Well, the way things are going, it may mean everything when it comes to the rest of his stay in the White House.