Simon Says: How so many people play “God” with drug prices?

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Everyone hates  Martin Shkreli. He’s a businessman, but he’s also smug and stupid on social media.

We all know how he found a loophole with an HIV drug and jacked-up the price 5000 %—and then got into it with people on twitter.

He’s backed-off a bit, but isn’t it amazing to think someone could play “God” with people when figuring out drug prices. This just in: rich people live longer!  The more cash you have, the more access to health care.

It seems Shkreli is not alone, when it comes who plays god.

This  story in TIME reminds us how insurance companies decide whether to cover a new medical procedure. According to the story , the procedure must guarantee one year of “quality life” for $50,000 or less.

So, someone in a room somewhere thinks a year of life is worth $50,000. Which could be the difference between life or death.

Would you take $50,000 for one less year of your life?

Perhaps you would  miss out on your team winning a championship or  your son or daughter saying something beautiful.

Or a chance to make those last words really count

The sad thing, the way things are going lately,  someone you know may be losing years and not even know it.  Obesity rates are higher than they've ever been, life spans are getting shorter. Some people suggest this could be the first generation where parents outlive their kids!

So, it’s only fitting in times like these, a ‘fat cat” like Shkreli can take years off your life.


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