Simon says it’s time for another lesson in race relations

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So, you`ve had some time to have an opinion about the people no one wants to be right now. Those knuckleheads from the fraternity at the University of Oklahoma saying some disgusting, racist things. One of them says the folks at the SAE frat 'taught' him the ugly chant.

It`s ironic, because someone put a sign saying "Racism is taught" in front of his house in Dallas. Yes, no one is born a racist and 'prejudice' is like a bottle of beer; the older it gets - it becomes bitter and tougher to swallow.

So, if racism is taught, why the heck aren`t we doing enough to 'teach' kids like those OU students that this is not OK! Think about it, public schools make sure the core subjects are taught, but what good is it if a kids good at algebra, but he`s a 'zero' when it comes to having an open mind about the world we live in.

"Race Relations 101" should be a core course just like the rest of them, not just a week or two during social studies. The course should include how it`s not okay to say the n-word as innocently as you would say Tigger.

Movies like Mississippi Burning and Selma would be required, and how about a social experiment like this :

I mean how can you understand race relations if you can`t relate to what it feels like. Those kids at OU are feeling the heat right now with the two Dallas kids having apologized. It sounds like their families are hoping for some tolerance and understanding, but I wonder where they could have learned about that!



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