Simon Says: Movies today stink, but you don’t have to!

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HOUSTON-- Going to the movies soon?

Well, I have a good feeling you might get a sense that it all seems so familiar, like you’re watching the same movie over and over again.

It’s not quite like ‘Ground Hog Day’,  but aren’t you tired of the same formula and retreads that seem to be coming from Hollywood.

Here’s what you have to look forward this summer:

They all seem to be made with the same ingredients:  a destroyed city, a fight, aliens or monsters ----you get the idea.

It feels like the philosophy in Hollywood today is only make a "sure thing" for a summer release.

Yeah, who cares if it’s bad. At least there’s a built-in audience, people overseas will watch and everyone will buy the happy meals.

Movies are expensive and careers go bust if a movie is a bust. But have you noticed? Something’s not working. There are empty seats at the multiplex. That’s because Hollywood has stopped taking chances, folks.

Now, imagine if we all lived like that, just okay with the status quo and afraid of taking risks.

In that world, nothing cool or innovative ever happens.  We’d spend more time thinking about the same thing.

It’s all about “Me, Me, Me,” where the focus is on mindless dribble like tweets in the middle of the night or nothing covering her middle. Good thing we're all not taking Hollywood’s lead, right?

Take risks people. You’ll see the benefits.

Let’s just hope the people making movies can stop saying, “Is it safe?


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