Simon Says: This country just got divorced!

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It’s a new year. That means new hopes, new goals, and for many of you, the end of your marriage.

January is known as divorce month. Studies show more people start the process now.

One theory is that no parent wants to ruin their children’s holiday season so they wait until the tree goes down before legal fees start adding up.

Divorce is painful.

It’s the start of new routines, rules, and boundaries.

One spouse can feel  abandoned and alone, while the other looks at it as an opportunity for  change and freedom.

Bottom line: one of you looks forward, the other can be stuck in the past.

It’s kind of ironic divorce is peaks in this country at the same time we swear-in a new President.

In a sense, this country just got divorced!

Think about it, each spouse even  got their own hat in the settlement.

And based on the way the break-up is going, it’s going to be a while before both sides are civil.

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When a spouse takes divorce hard, experts say it’s like they are grieving.

The best advice: talk about your feelings, and spend time with people who support, value and energize you.

Sound familiar Madonna?

And for the spouse that’s not grieving, you know what they do.

They move into a cool, new place to live. They get a new car and hang with a new group of friends.

We have to move on after this divorce. We will meet for dinner one day and not make a scene

But remember, as some of you sign the paperwork and makes things final this month— one of you will come back, better than ever, with a clear focus.

And nothing is more appealing and in demand than someone whose left their baggage behind and knows what the heck they want in life.



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