Simon Says: When it comes to hackers and who can get to your money, this should freak you out.

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Doesn’t it feel like we can’t go a day without hearing about “hack attacks?”

Yeah, the Russians, North Koreans, and some guy near you wearing bad underwear in a basement are all using a keyboard to do everything from possibly tilting elections,  holding your data for ransom, or finding nude pictures of famous people.

It’s a big deal, and these kinds of hackers have so many politicians yelling for change.

Think about that for a second while I ask you a question: How much money do you have in your checking account right now?

Really, do you know, give or take a few dollars, what you have in there?
Chances are you don’t, right?
That’s because some studies suggest 69 percent of you don’t balance your checkbook!
Now, I’m really going to freak you out  ---- 6 out of ten of you pay bills using automatic debits.

So,  more than half of you don’t know what you have in the checking account AND you let a computer take money every month.
That’s s a hack, that should really hack you off!

Think of the mistakes.  I’ve been double-debited by my insurance company a few times and Apple still debits me $3.00 a month for some app I don’t remember getting.
It feels like we live in a world where virtual hands are grabbing at our wallets and some of you likely have no idea of the mistakes.

This e-commerce world may make it easy to shop for pajamas with dog bones, but were going to the dogs, folks, when it comes really getting control of our money.

It’s getting even more invasive. Google recently announced it will start taking info from your credit card transactions to show retailers how successful their digital ads were.
How does that make you feel?

My advice:  get your life and bank account balanced ASAP!  Forget the hackers overseas and start thinking about who you’re letting in your piggy bank each day.
Because when it comes to your dollars,  nothing else makes cents.

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