Simon Says: Where were the Weinstein Whistleblowers? Don’t be scared anymore!

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HOUSTON -- The whole mess over the Harvey Weinstein saga has all of us with different opinions.

Pissed off.

Grossed out.

Yes, there’s a lot of anger when you hear about what could be years of sexual harassment and allegations of rape.

But don’t you feel the response in Hollywood is like that scene in Casablanca, when the guy says, “I’m shocked, shocked gambling is going on here.” If you remember, about two beats later that same man accepted his 'winnings' from another.

The shock and outrage over Weinstein seems a bit empty. Everyone says they’re appalled.


It was a joke on 30 Rock a few years ago, with a character assuring someone that she wasn't worried about an altercation. After all, she'd "turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions...out of five."

No one's laughing now.

This isn’t a TV show. It’s a lousy sequel!  We’ve seen this over and over again.

Penn State, the Catholic Church, FOX News.

Horrible scandals that went on for years until someone blew the whistle.

Why are we such lousy whistleblowers?

Stories like this suggest it’s the “fear” of repercussions that keeps us quiet.

Sure, you may be scared to use the whistle, but facing your fear should be easy, especially when  the person you’re whistling about is REALLY scared when someone like you has the goods on them.

Using a whistle takes strength when you’re talking about cowards, and it’s a shame so many people in Hollywood didn’t take the advice of Lauren Bacall's first character from To Have and Have Not.

When it comes to whistling, it’s easy. Just put your lips together and blow!

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