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How many of you play golf and make a bad shot?

That’s when you want a mulligan. You know, a do-over, another chance.

The past few days I’ve been thinking Roseanne Barr may get a “second chance.” Because when it comes to being racist in this country, there’s a mulligan for some.

Roseanne’s tweet was disgusting, and even though it feels her career is dead, she may really be in a very long coma.

The racist mulligan is real.

Ask Paula Deen, a few years ago she ate her “N” words, now many of you are eating at her restaurants.

Ask Mel Gibson. It wasn’t that long ago he was drunk, Anti-Semitic and getting handcuffs, now he’s getting nominated for Oscars. 

And ask Jesse Jackson, I’m going old school with this one, but back in the 80’s he got a mulligan after talking about Jews.

We are a country of second acts and reboots, maybe that’s why seeing Roseanne again was such a hit, but when it comes to racism , why do some people get a pass?   It’s like we’re tolerant of the intolerant.

Think about it, I don’t think any of the sexual harassers out there are going to get a mulligan, but when it comes to racism, there’s a chance you can erase the damage from a bad moment once you start a redemption tour.

Being racist is unforgivable, but it feels like time can make it unnoticeable. There are long lists of celebs who’ve experienced a racist recovery

That’s why Roseanne may be back.

So, if you ever get a mulligan, remember it’s a gift. A chance to correct a mistake, or a bad tweet.   In Roseanne’s case, people would listen to her, and if she actually feels remorseful that could make a difference in a bigger conversation.

But if you don’t take that mulligan seriously— you just look like an idiot missing an opportunity like a real easy golf shot.