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HOUSTON, TX – You can call it a sinkhole, or you can call it a stink hole, or you can call it a cave in, which is what the City of Houston calls it.

Whatever you call it, it’s a big hole that’s causing a big problem for drivers and businesses along the south Loop service road at Holt Street near Almeda.

What started off as a 12-foot hole at the entrance of the strip center parking lot turned into a cave in 30-feet wide and 20-feet deep.

The culprit was Mother Nature who dumped a ton of rain on Houston over the weekend. That caused the 18-inch smelly old sewer line to break and release water that ate away the supporting earth.

But this is a frequent occurrence around Houston.

This sinkhole, stink hole, or cave in is a little different because of its size and location. Lord willing and the bayous don’t rise, it could take a couple of weeks to get everything up and running.