Sleeping and cruising in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO, Ca - Friday night a California woman reminded us all why drinking and driving don't mix. She apparently fell asleep behind the wheel while cruising on a crowded freeway.

As traffic sped by on both sides, the driver remained asleep. One brave passerby phoned 911 after running over to try to awaken the driver.

California Highway Patrol Officer Sergio Flores  showed up, dodged traffic to try to rouse the driver, swinging his flashlight at the window. The Chrysler Sebring started rolling slowly as the driver's foot came off the brake. Flores ran around behind the car to rap on the passenger window, breaking in.

Finally he was able to open the door and throw the gearshift into park. He collected 25-year-old Amber McKinney from behind the wheel, an empty vodka bottle visible on her floorboard.

She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.


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