Small Texas town putting an end to unwanted solicitors

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MEADOWS PLACE, TX– Do you ever come home from a weekend trip and find your front door all covered in ads and door hangers? Could it be any more obvious that you’re out of town?!

Well, the folks in Meadows Place, a city of less than 5000 near Stafford, have found a way to ward off solicitors and folks leaving those unsolicited ads.

When spotting someone in the neighborhood going door-to-door, Meadows Place mayor Charles Jessup suggests that residents “go in and call the police. About a minute and a half to two minutes later, they will be having a discussion with that solicitor, who is most likely going to be encouraged to leave and shown the border.”

Meadows Place doesn’t mess around! Their permit to solicit or distribute flyers requires a $1000 surety bond and the name and addresses of folks doing the soliciting. “Secondly,” Jessup adds, “there’s gonna be a $90 fee for the license and a $25 for the person that’s gonna be doing the peddling. And so it kind of discourages companies because we’re only one square mile. And they say, ‘That’s crazy. That’s a lot of money to invest in a small area.'” So they go elsewhere. Mission accomplished!

One way the mayor suggests to avoid traveling salesmen altogether: “If you have a soliciting sign on your door, on your premises… that can stop them from putting that card, that sign, that door hanger on your door.” If they do, they are breaking the law.

Back in the day, folks welcomed the door-to-door salesman. Today, more than likely, Jessup says, ‘he’s casing the joint.’

“Times have changed. Unfortunately, they now present a danger– a danger which is simply not acceptable in 2015.”

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