Smartphones, among other things, are affecting college students fitness

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KENT, OH – Do you want to look good online? So, turn off your cell phone for a while and get some exercise in the real world. New research at Kent State University has linked high cell phone use to poor fitness in college students.

“I agree with that a lot.’ said Earl Rasmussen, the owner of Sound Fitness Houston. ‘You see a lot of people playing with their cellphone instead of working out.”

300 students were surveyed on their cell phone use and activity level, and guess what? Those who spend large amounts of time on their mobile devices — let’s say on and off the whole day — were less fit than those who averaged 90 minutes of daily cellphone use.

“Of course if you’re sitting on your couch all day and all night Facebooking you’re gonna be less active,” added Rasmussen.

That is exactly what people used to say decades ago about watching too much TV. But on a more positive note, some mild cellphone users said that they were actually encouraged by their online friends to do sports.

So there you go: everything is a matter of moderation. Because in the end, too much time using our smartphones can turn us into stupid humans.


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