Smoking in movies doubles since 2010

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – As always life imitates art; and we guess the same can be said about the amount of images of people smoking in youth-rated movies. They’ve doubled over the last two years.

A report funded by the anti-smoking group legacy says the average smoking instances kids are forced to inhale on film increased from 6.9 in 2010 to 13.5 in 2012.

Even though the centers for disease control claims some studios have policies in place to discourage the behavior. Movies like the Hobbit, Lincoln, Taken 2, Skyfall and Men In Black 3 put their butts in our kids’ faces every day.

Prompting the 2012 surgeon general’s report to suggest giving movies with tobacco images a NC-17 or r rating, and that any DVD containing smoking should start with anti-tobacco ads before the feature can be played.

Wonder if it has anything to do with the rise of e-cigarettes in the last couple of years, making the tobacco companies appeal to children who don’t know any better. Stop!


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