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HOUSTON — A Houston woman known for bringing the community joy was overwhelmed with happiness Saturday after getting a surprise visit from one of her favorite celebrities.

Shantel Nelson — known as Southpark_Shawty on Instagram — was put on this Earth to bring people delight, friends and family members said.

Shawty is constantly shooting viral videos featuring her dancing, singing and performing other antics in the neighborhood.

“She was put on this Earth to make people smile,” employee Andrea Simmons said.

Ralston Liquor Store says Shawty is not an employee, nor has ever been affiliated with the company.

Although Shawty has had issues with substance abuse, she is a beloved figure in the South Park community and that love has spread like wildfire on social media. She has earned more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“Everybody likes pulling phones out, but they would never do anything to benefit from the situation or to help Shawty,” resident Lou Parish said. “I just took it upon myself to get a little clip of her and throw her a little something and give her a little change.”

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Go Shawty. 💫🌟🌟🌹😘

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Parish and Jamil Davis started the account to help Shawty on her road to recovery and that support has gained national attention — to a point where even celebrities are jumping on the “We love Shawty” bandwagon.

Enter, the Dogg Father.

After watching her numerous videos, Snoop rolled through Houston’s South Park to meet Shawty in person.

Shawty said the encounter changed her life.

When the D-O-Double-G stepped off the bus, she gripped him tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Snoop Dogg brought Shawty onto the tour bus, allowing her to hang out with him for a while.  She sang for Snoop and had a chance to relax with the rap legend. Afterward, Snoop went to go perform at a concert in The Woodlands, and Shawty was treated to a makeover.

Neighbors described Shawty as one of the most generous people you could ever meet — willing to give you the shirt off her back if necessary.

Have no doubt about it, she feels their love and support. She said she’s making changes.

“God came in my life,” She said. “He made me change my life around. I prayed for it, so I’m doing good. I got a job, and people love me.”