Some bad habits might just be good for you

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HOUSTON, TX – In an recent article on, doctors talked about how annoying stuff serves a purpose.

Stuff like passing gas, definitely offensive to others, but makes you feel better.

The same goes for that repulsive burp, satisfying as it might be, it is relieving your body of gas.

Biting nails has its positive side as well. The germs you’re chewing on can help boost your immune system.

As long as we’re discussing the digestive system, how about eating in bed?

In order for your body to digest food properly, it should be in a relaxed state. If you are rushed stressed, it could cause indigestion. There are better places you can enjoy your meal, but if you’re in bed, you will most likely be relaxed.

Knuckle cracking isn’t bad for you either. Don’t believe the ol’ wives tales. It doesn’t cause arthritis, or make your knuckles swell. On the other hand it can make your fingers feel more flexible.

So, now you have an excuse anytime someone complains about your habits.

Just keep your distance.


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