Some Oilers’ Monday Night Football history

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HOUSTON, Tx. — Fans are always in a frenzy over Monday Night Football.

Before the Texans became a team, the Oilers had 24 Monday night appearances. Most of them were memorable league-wide for some reason or another.

Bruce Matthews, a former Oilers offensive guard, said, “The biggest thing was how jacked up the fans were. The dome would just blow the lid off. The fans were all fired up and it definitely was a highlight of the season.”

Curtis Duncan, Oilers wide receiver, said,  “Playing Monday night was incredible. Everybody is watching all over the world. Monday night is probably the most exciting time I’ve ever had.”

Perhaps the most signature Monday night moment was Earl Campbell and his 81-yard run against Miami.

In the Astrodome, the Oilers won 8 of 14 games.

Now, all Houston eyes are on the Texans as they make their own Monday Night Football history.



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