Sons of fallen firefighter accused of stealing from HFD pension fund

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HOUSTON, TX – When tragedy strikes, it’s not uncommon for some to reach out and lend a helping hand, but two Houston men are being accused of biting the hand that fed them.

26-year-old Matthew Anthony Martinez and 24-year-old Adrian Michael Martinez lost their father in 2005 after he was killed by a drunk driver. The two collected money from Houston’s firefighter pension fund. One of the criteria to meet in order to get the money is to be enrolled in college full-time.

The two are accused of only being enrolled part-time, and faking the paperwork in order to steal thousands from the firefighter pension fund. The Assistant Harris County District Attorney says the two didn’t meet the requirements, but the brothers’ attorney says both men were traumatized by the loss of their father and didn’t steal any money.

The whole thing is still under investigation. But if these brothers are found to be “fire liars,” it’s like the saying goes — you play with fire, you’re going to get burned!

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