South Carolina sheriff arrested for DUI

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HANAHAN, SC – Usually  bosses  follow the rules and encourage employees to do the same. But occasionally the boss is the one behaving badly.

A police officer experienced this situation in Hanahan, South Carolina. The cop was on his way to work when he was passed by a truck going over 100 MPH, swerving and nearly running off the road. When he pulled the truck over, he was surprised to find boss, Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne Dewitt, behind the wheel.

Police say Dewitt smelled of booze and had a vodka bottle in the truck. Police say he failed a field sobriety test and refused the breathalyzer. Now, Dewitt is facing DUI charges and charged with  leaving the scene of an accident.

Once Dewitt allegedly sobered up he apologized, saying he is deeply sorry for the embarrassment his conduct caused the county.

An important reminder that not even the law is above the law.


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