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SOUTH TEXAS – Tales of the legendary chupacabra may not be so mythical after all!

Like Bigfoot, sightings have been reported; but no one has ever captured one alive.

Jackie Stock and her husband Bubba found in their yard what they think is a chupacabra.

“He called me to come and look and I said, Bubba that looks like a baby chupacabra,” Jackie says.

The hairless animal is known to suck blood from farm animals like goats and other livestock. Bubba managed to cage the wild animal, and feed it until news cameras arrived at their home in Ratcliffe, Texas near Corpus Christi.

A neighbor who has been hunting raccoon for more than 20 years believes it is a chupacabra, and says he’s never seen anything like it.

Chupacabra or not, wildlife experts believe the animal is more likely to be a coyote, fox or a dog of some sort — infected with a skin disease called mange.

So is it mange or myth? Maybe we’ll never know but it still makes a good bed-time story.