Southeast Houston store demands justice

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HOUSTON, TX – The corner store is where you make a quick stop for gas, grab a soda and maybe buy a lotto ticket. But one southeast Houston store has been anything but convenient for area residents.

They say the King Food store on Martin Luther King Blvd. is one of several spots in the neighborhood plagued by crime.

It was also the spot for a community rally Wednesday.

Store owner Ali Sutaria said, “All the neighborhood has been target of the crime. It’s been going on for years. I’ve been here for four years, so it’s been going on for much more than that, everybody’s fed up.”

From drugs to theft, assault, even murder, it’s all allegedly happening in the area.

Now the community is demanding something be done about it.

Sutaria says, “They’re trying to protest against the police department to take more actions, be more faster over here and, you know, try to stop the crime going on in the area.”

Leticia Salinas was at the rally. She said, “The rules are not good if no one’s enforcing them. So, we’re gonna try to come up with a system to where we can make sure that what’s supposed to be done is done.”

Until then, be extra careful.

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