Space Center Houston hosts “Mars Food Face-Off”

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CLEAR LAKE, TX – NASA wants to get to Mars so bad, they can taste it.

Education Director Melanie Johnson says, “We wanted to educate people about Mars, about NASA’s journey to Mars potentially in 2030 … And we know food connects us all”

That’s why Space Center Houston hosted the “Mars Food Face-Off!” Audience members were challenged to use freeze dried and hydroponically grown foods to create a meal that could be grown on Mars by future explorers.

Celebrity Chef Shane Miller and Cosmic Chef Carlos Gonzalez were on hand to help tomorrow’s cuisine artists with their star-bound creations.

One of the celebrity judges actually knows a little about how food tastes out in the last frontier, Astronaut Ken Cameron.

“I think they did a superb job there wasn’t anything there that was inedible, and there was a lot of things were graded ‘hey I’d eat this tomorrow,” Cameron commented.

No unidentified flaming objects here, all challengers learned they could do a lot, with very little. This was truly some out of this world fun for the whole family.


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