Special guest at State of Union address

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Other than Abe Lincoln’s birthday, what else is today?

If you said it’s the annual ‘What Will Sheila Be Wearing’ day, you’re partly correct. Today is the day Houston’s very own Sheila Jackson Lee puts on her brightest dress and squats on the aisle in the House of Representatives to guarantee a good chance to be seen on national TV during the President’s annual State of the Union address.

But the gentlewoman from Texas has some competition this year, and from a couple of guys, no less. Congressman Steve Stockman of Friendswood has vowed to file articles of impeachment against President Obama if the White House tries to take away the right to own guns.

And to show he means business, he’s invited the Motor City Madman to be his guest. Yeah, Ted Nugent, the gun-slingin’, guitar-pickin’ rocker has more than cat-scratch fever when it comes to weapons. He’s always locked and loaded, and was a big supporter of Stockman’s campaign.

Also in attendance will be the parents of Hadiya Pendleton, the Chicago high school student shot to death a week after she performed during the President’s inauguration. Police say she was an innocent victim of a gang-related shooting. They’ll sit with the first lady, along with the first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who protected her students by locking them in a bathroom.

It may not seem like it, but the nation does have some other big issues the president will talk about, like jobs and the economy, immigration reform, and the war in Afghanistan. Serious stuff, but the anonymous group called Anonymous must think it’s all a big joke, because it’s threatening to hack the State of the Union address.

So much for the idea of freedom of speech.

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