Spice of Blythe: Adding color adds happiness!

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DALLAS - Maybe you've heard it: "You eat with your eyes first."

Adding color to food is great!  It's safe, it's fun, you can turn it into a family activity.

Making deviled eggs?  Why not throw some pink food coloring in the egg whites?  Take 'em from "eh" eggs to festive eggs!

Or take some beer - another one of our favorite ingredients - add a little green!

Why not drink green beer all year round?  It doesn't matter what holiday -- everybody can get excited about green beer.

And finally, add color to your sugar cookies. Why leave them white when you can throw whatever color you want in there and "spice" it up?

The Spice of Blythe is: Adding color adds happiness!  Whether you're cooking, painting, eating, or drinking.

Always be sure to add that color for an impact of positivity in your life!



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