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Have you ever heard of a spidernaut? If you haven’t, it’s a spider that’s been to outer space.

Before you say, ‘there’s no such thing’ meet Nefertiti, a red-backed jumping spider.

Neffi boldly went where few arachnids have gone before, the International Space Station. She spent 100 days on the ISS as part of a study to see if microgravity would affect her ‘spidey’ hunting skills.

The tests were conducted by astronaut Suni Williams who concluded the 8 legged freaks did adapt to life in space. The spunky space spider was also able to adapt to gravity again, when she came back to Earth in October.

Sadly though, she passed away recently at the advanced age of 10 months. The lifespan of a red-backed jumping spider is only about a year, so it turns out Neffi spent almost a third of her life in space – which is more than any astronaut can say.

Rest in peace Nefertiti.