Splendora teen arrested for terroristic threat

Teen arrested for making Facebook death threats

Authorities arrest a 13-year-old girl for making death threats on Facebook.

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SPLENDORA, TX – A 13-year-old girl from Splendora is in cuffs over a Facebook post.

An alarming status update Splendora residents not only didn’t like, but one they probably won’t forget. The post stated a threat to kill everyone in Splendora on July 13.

At first, Montgomery County Precinct-4 Constables were having trouble convincing Facebook to help track down the girl’s location, until the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office intervened.

On Sunday, when the alleged killing spree was supposed to happen, cops arrested the teen at a relative’s home in Northwest Harris County where she was saying for the summer.

An officer with the Montgomery County Precinct-4 Constables Office says it all started when the teen pretended to be a Facebook user with the name “Melissa Johnson,” and cyber-bullied a boy who was recovering from cancer. The bullying post included the statement that the boy”should have died.”

“Melissa” got some inflammatory responses and somehow it escalated into a threat to wipe out the town.
No word yet if she was actually planning to carry out the killings, or if her Facebook post was just a bluff.

Either way, she’s being charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a 3rd degree felony. Since the suspects is a juvenile, her real name has not been released.

Free speech, even online, can come with an expensive price.

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