Spring High School stabber arraigned

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HOUSTON, TX – The only thing Spring High School students should have been worrying about Friday was getting to class on time and turning in their assignments.

Instead, classes were canceled, and they’re mourning the death of one of their own.

Joshua Broussard was fatally stabbed early Wednesday morning in the cafeteria.

The suspect, 17-year-old Luis Alonzo Alfaro appeared in court.

A judge charged the teenager with murder and set his bail at $150,000.

Family members were in tears as they left the courtroom. They refused to comment, but the chief prosecutor didn’t.

She spelled out what will happen if Alfaro makes bond.

“He would then have to get an electronic leg monitoring, which is a GPS feature, let us know where he is, he’s then subject to a curfew, he has to do random urine analysis to see if he has any drugs in his system, also can’t drink any alcohol,” said chief prosecutor Kelli Johnson.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says the fatal fight appears to be gang-related.

“Sadly, this kind of case shows that school violence is not something that we read about, it`s actually something in our community,” said Johnson.

For the rest of the Spring community, shock and sadness has turned to anger.

The Spring ISD Superintendent and other community leaders tried to address parents’ concerns.

Dozens of parents showed up, thinking they were going to be allowed into the meeting but…

“That didn’t happen. And they’re furious today. And I’m furious today. I’ve been here in Spring for 30 years. They don’t want to hear parents’ concerns. They want a dog and pony show,” said former Spring ISD board member Dr. Ruth Houston.

“One man has been arrested here today. A parent who tried to enter the meeting. He was not able to enter the meeting because he was not on the list.”

What those parents missed was a lot of talk about beefing up security on campus.

“Because there is the suspicion of gang activity, we’re going to have a gang awareness officer on campus,” said Spring ISD Superintendent Ralph Draper.

“Every kid coming into Spring High School will have to walk through a metal detector,” said Spring ISD Police Chief Victor Mitchell.

So come Monday morning, every single student will be walking through metal detectors.

Except for Joshua Broussard.

He will be laid to rest.

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