Spying on your partner? You’re not alone

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spyingHOUSTON, TX – With all the concern about the government spying on us, is it any wonder that couples spy on one another?

Dating site SeekingArrangement.com surveyed over 22,000 Americans and found that 55% admitted to spying on their partners.

In Houston, at least according to the survey, it isn’t that bad. Only 48.8% of the people admitted to spying, which ranks us as the 10th most trusting city in the county.

But, to get down to the real nitty-gritty, we turned to the experts on the subject, at the Spy Emporium, where you’ll find all the tools you can imagine to keep tabs on the philanderers.

Sidney May, a private investigator explained, “Nowadays everyone’s trying to spy on their spouse, I guess because there’s money involved, or they’re just trying to get out of the relationship because they’re tired of the cheating.”

A good place to start the hunt, social networking sites. All kinds of information is out there for everyone to see.

The most common method of spying is going through a partners email.

So who’s the better sneak?

May said, “Women, they delete text messages, they say they’re going out with the girls, women are sneakier and smart. Men are just dumb, they get caught red handed.”

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