Stafford police officer, shot in the face, will attend State of the Union

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HOUSTON, TX – It`s every police officers worst nightmare, to be shot in the line of duty.
A nightmare officer Ann Carrizales of the Stafford Police Department had to face during a traffic stop last October.

“It was very quick.  Very quick after I started talking to the people in the car, when I took the first shot to the face.  The second shot was to the chest.  My bulletproof vest Point Blank did its job.” said Carrizales

But that`s just the beginning of this heroic story.  Officer Carrizales, even after being shot twice, wasn`t about to let the suspects get away.  She got into her car.

“I pursued them into another county, in another city and then I let the cavalry if you will, of the Sugarland police department.  Missouri City PD, DPS, Ft. Bend County Meadows Place, all of the agencies that came in to save the day.” recalled Carrizales

In Stafford and beyond Carrizales is considered a hero, but she has a hard time accepting that.

“I understand why they say it, I understand why the kids would feel it, and the parents would feel that and citizens would feel that way, but It`s not how I feel, it`s not how we feel here at Stafford PD.  To my co-workers I`m still Carrizales…it`s just Carrizales you know.”

Representative Pete Olson felt her actions were heroic too and invited Officer Carrizales as his guest, to attend the State of the Union in Washington D.C.

“It`s pretty cool.  It`s not every day that you get invited to go to something like this.  It`s pretty exciting.” said Carrizales

And Officer Carrizales has her own way of looking at the cup half full. “All this great stuff happened, and all I had to do is get shot twice for it, right?  And I have to laugh about that.”

Laughing, all the way to our nation’s Capitol.



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