Standoff in Houston ends peacefully with help of NewsFix

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HOUSTON – It all started with a phone call to NewsFix. A man was desperate for help after police had surrounded his house ready to evict him. He told us he had a gun and was ready to use it.

The call:

“There will be a shootout for sure…today is not a good day to get into a shootout with me… This is Texas…I’m a grown man…you figure out the rest”

We warned police of the potential threat and worked our negotiating magic to talk our viewer down.

More from the phone exchange:

“I’m not going next to any windows… Not giving these people a chance to shoot me.”

Somehow, someway…. a peaceful resolution. Steve Diferrante invited NewsFix into his home. What he showed us was a guitar collection that he had amassed over 40 years and he was going to protect that, himself and his dog.

Diferrante says, “The 39 news crew [NewsFix] was essential and pivotal in de-escalating the situation. Who knows what would have happened if no one was watching. Thank God channel 39 was  watching.”

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