Starbucks has new beer flavor latte

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SEATTLE, Wa. — Attention all beer and coffee lovers, Starbucks is brewing something right up your alley.

The coffee giant is testing a new drink that they say tastes like stout beer. The dark barrel latte is made with a flavored syrup that mirrors the taste of dark beers like Guinness but there’s no actual alcohol.

It`s topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce.

Sounds like a party in your mouth!

The new beer-flavored coffee drink is in limited Starbucks locations for taste testing before it’s released nationwide.

So far, some who’ve tasted the beverage had a hard time believing it’s not beer and love the taste. Others dislike the new flavor and warn people against ordering the drink.

Either way this new beer-flavored latte is all the “buzz.”



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