Starbucks unveils new coffee popular in Australia called flat white

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HOUSTON, Texas — Some folks like it black. Australians like it flat white. We’re talking coffee, folks. But you won’t need to travel Down Under to try this caffeine craze, just head down to your local Starbucks. The coffee mega-chain newly unveiled their version of the flat white to the U.S., but what on earth is it?

Needless to say, this “Australian cappuccino” is causing confusion. First off, a cappuccino has a dry foam head. A flat white is topped off with micro-foam, which is made of steamed milk with small, fine bubbles and has a glossy, velvety consistency. Coffee experts also claim the flat white is like a latte, but with a little less milk and extra espresso. It’s also smaller than both a latte and cappuccino, but packs more of a punch.

So now you know what a flat white is, welcome to your new Australian addiction. The Aussie’s might be on to something when it comes to coffee, but let’s hope no American chain will want to push Vegemite on us next. That stuff’s nasty!



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