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PUYALLUP, Wash. — It’s fair to say 19 people got pretty lucky at the Washington State Fair after a ride malfunctioned.  All 19 were stuck when it just suddenly stopped working mid-ride.  Many people were left dangling upside down.

They all managed to get off the popular El Nino ride safely in about 10 minutes. But, getting dizzy was the least of their concerns.  El Nino happens to be very similar to the ride that turned deadly at the Ohio state fair last year, and it`s made by the same company called KMG. A separate company, Funtastic, operates all the rides on-site at the Washington State Fair.

“Funtastic proactively chose not to bring the El Nino here at the last state fair because it was the same manufacturer as the ride that had the incident in Ohio,” spokesperson Stacy Van Horne said. “So we didn’t even bring it to our property last fall. It was at the spring fair and ran fine.”

The non-fatal fiasco came on day four of the fair, which runs through Sept. 23. While they don’t yet know what caused the malfunction, state inspectors have taken El Nino out of commission until further notice.

Good idea!  After all, if you add up the price of fair parking, admission, fair food, and drinks…anyone who gets stuck on a ride is not getting a fair shake!

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