State of the Union speech holds little mystery, lots of politics

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama makes his sixth trip down the aisle tonight to deliver his annual State of the Union address to congress.

And this time, he’ll be riding in with his highest approval ratings in almost two years.

But there’s not much mystery about what he’ll say, thanks to enough white house leaks to make even National Security Agency thief Eddie “The Snowman” Snowden happy.

One of the president’s bullets is his plan to expand broadband access to the worldwide web (“Today, high-speed broadband is not a luxury; it's a necessity.").

He’s also got big plans to help pay for community college (“. . . helping every American afford a higher education.").

Illinois community college student Homira Wardak will be a guest during the speech to give a human face to the difficulties getting an education.

The State of the Union address is all about political theater, and nothing is more politically theatric than the guest list for the first lady’s box.

The White House sees this as a way to highlight political successes. Former Cuban prisoner Alan Gross will be there. His release last month was supposed to be an example of the new era in US/Cuba relations.

But for some, the highlight of the night is getting on TV while shaking hands and hugging the President of the United States.


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