‘Sticking to guns’ and other news about Syria

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PHOENIX, AZ – Arizona senator John McCain supports the president’s plan for a military strike against Syria, but voters back home are staging a ‘resolution revolution.’

And that brings us to this edition of ‘Syria NewsFix . . . in brief.

Dateline Saint Petersburg: Russian President Vladimir Putin may need a lesson in idioms, or not.

“It was a very friendly conversation,’ Putin said about his talk with President Obama. ‘We stick to our guns.”

Sticking to his guns? Really?

President Obama may say he’s not itching for a fight, but he’s reported to be expanding the list of targets after learning Syrian President Assad is moving his troops and equipment.

Dateline Tehran: U.S. spies say they have intercepted an order from Iran for their terrorist pals in Iraq to hit the embassies in Baghdad and Beirut.

Dateline Kish Province, Iran: Alireza Forghani, the former governor of Kish is hoping, in his words, President Obama will be pig-headed enough to attack Syria. In this statement, he says 21 hours after an attack, a member of the First Family and family members of all top administration officials and military commanders around the world will be kidnapped, and videos of their amputations will be released to the world.

Dateline, Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan: The UN says two million Syrians are now refugees living in neighboring countries. Two million is about the population of Houston.

Dateline, the French Court of Louis XVI, no, make that Saint Petersburg, a far cry from refugee camps: Russian President Putin put on a strange show complete with people dressed up like Marie Antoinette (‘Let them eat cake!’) for world leaders at the G20 summit.

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