Still crazy for blue, Bum Phillips gets own opera

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Former Houston Oilers Coach, Bum Phillips was always known to shake things up in football.

“One year ago we knocked on the door. This year we beat on the door. Next year we’re gonna kick the Son of a B*tch in.”

At a time when most NFL coaches were plaid and suit and tie, Bum’s personality was larger than life. As the winningest coach in Oilers history, he never made it to the super bowl. But now, Houston’s good ol’ boy has made it to the big stage. As crazy as it may sound, Bum Phillips All-American Opera is coming to Houston. And it’s all in this week’s inside story, from the pages of Houstonia

Much like the legend himself, the Opera based on Bum Phillips’ life is changing the way people perceive norm.

Under so many angles to this, I mean I think one Bum himself is absolutely larger than life. He just has a character like a gas that expands to fill up the space that’s available to it.

There aren’t many Operas based on characters who spit tobacco and adorn a Ten Gallon hat. But if you think about it, Football and Theater have a lot in common.

I  mean I think the first reaction is this very like “Ha Ha that’s funny”. I do think there’s a conversation between sort of how NFL games work and what the suspense is and how the Opera works.

You don’t win football games because you’re a good person. You don’t win football games for being noble. You sort of win based on a sort of randomness and a little bit of skill. And I think narratives work that way so often.

It takes the season that they almost made it to the Super Bowl, they lost the very last game. And shows those games as a sort of frame-work to tell the ??? of his life.

Now if you’re debuting the show in the Big Apple, Bum’s Opera is finally coming to Houston.

From the moment we started conceiving it, we were like God we’re in Houston, I mean New York’s fun but in the music we have narratives like what Luv Ya Blue was. People in Houston are going to remember that, they’re going to have lived it, and have the outfits.

If you’ve been waiting to Luv Ya Blue one last time on home field, and you want to know more. Go pick up this month’s Houstonia.​


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