Stop with the word vomit, it’s making me sick!


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You hear this a lot from people lately: “Don’t you ever disrespect me!”

It usually doesn’t end well.

It seems getting "disrespected" is now a motive for a crime, the reason to cross-the-line and lose it. I’m amazed how many stories there are where someone got "dissed" and then someone ended up dead.

How did we get here?

It’s so common, Psychology Today tried to figure out the dangers of being disrespected.

You don’t need an expert to figure this out.  Come on, why do you think the Republican and Democratic debates have been a disaster?

It’s okay for the candidates to word vomit on each other, because it seems the 24-hour news networks who cover them do nothing but yell and scream at each other!

It’s a turnoff!

The “disrespect” and the word vomit makes all of us sick. Nothing gets accomplished anywhere with this kind of stuff, and we’re all worse off because of it.

And no one is smiling like when Rodney Dangerfield made “no respect” something to laugh about!


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