Strange Science: Spiders could eat the entire human race in less than a year

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HOUSTON, TX - A new study poses a theory around surrounding flesh eating arachnids.

The Science of Nature Journal tells us there's approximately 45,000 species of spiders globally that eat between 400 and 800 million metric tons a year. This means that if spiders had a palette for people they'd chow through the entire human race in less than a year!

That's because a 2012 study found that there is only about 287-million tons of adult human meat on planet Earth. Mix in 70-million more tons for kids and you can stick a fork in us, because we're done!

Truth is, if spiders did have the capacity to devour every human on earth they would actually still be hungry.

....and don't try to hide from the genocide.

Spiders can move fast, nearly 19-miles in a single day.

Fortunately, scientists claim spiders can't get much bigger due to their exoskeletons and have no interests in pigging out on people.



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