STRANGE SCIENCE: UFO seen on NASA’s ISS footage, dark cube spotted over El Paso sky

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INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION – It’s that time again! NewsFix in Space.

Today’s space flight takes us to the International Space Station where some visitors appear to be dropping by. The strange object can be seen in the distance over the earth’s horizon. The picture cuts out suddenly, leaving alien watchers thinking that NASA intentionally removed some of the footage.

Meanwhile, the skies over El Paso have been busy with a mysterious black cube positioned above the clouds. So far, there’s no earthly explanation for what it was doing there.

In other space news, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is celebrating a customer for his new Glenn Rocket in the Blue Origin enterprise. The new Glenn Rocket is a reusable spacecraft that will launch its first satellite for the French communications company Eutelsat in 2022.

Bezos joins other wealthy space entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Guess these billionaires are the new space pioneers.




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