Strange Science: What your walk says about your personality

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PORTSMOUTH, UK – You walk the walk, but does your body talk the talk? Yes!

According to a new study, your gait definitely says a great deal about your personality.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth in England used motion capture technology to study the walks of participants. What the group found was a possible relationship between a person’s strut and their personality traits. Those who were “agreeable” or “extroverted” walked with exaggerated pelvis thrusts or hip sway.

Researchers also concluded “creative” people have a very controlled walk with very little strut. The study also made a connection between having “aggressive” traits with excessive upper and lower body swagger.

Whether you strut, stroll or schlep, your walk might be giving away something about before you even utter a single word.

So use caution and watch your step!



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