Street art mural in Houston depicts gentrification “monsters” attacking older homes




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HOUSTON — Houston is looking more colorful these days. That’s because street art has really taken off in the Bayou City. But while many see these paintings as something pretty to look at, some of these murals convey more important messages.

One of these street art murals definitely paints a scary picture. Newly built, multi-story “monsters” attacking the older homes in the community. It’s a story that’s very familiar to many Houston neighborhoods, but this one is told artistically.

Local Houston artist, Nathan G. says, “I see this as becoming a powerful way to protest something, and to get a message across to people. It’s not just a subtle, hidden message. This message, it kinda screams at you. look at this development that’s happening around here.”

The mural can be found in Midtown, just outside the Station Museum, a contemporary art showroom. The “monsters” live right next door. Many are calling it gentrification gone bad. There goes the neighborhood.

“It like, takes an area that used to be low-income, and it really turns it into a hipster community,” said Nathan G.

Alex Tu, curator for Station Museum of Contemporary Art, add, “A lot of people who are in a lower-income bracket are feeling pushed out. Property taxes go up,then rents go up and people have to move.”

Ackzilla, the artist behind the mural is not affiliated with the museum. We reached out to “Ack”, but he declined to appear on camera, preferring to let his work do the talking.

But gentrification aside, when it comes to Houston, many people are liking what they see.

“Some of the stuff in this town is phenomenal. Some of the stuff you see painted on the walls, is really taken to another level here in Houston. I really appreciate it,” Nathan G. said.

The writing is on the wall folks, we live in a great place.


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