Student stripped of “Virginity Rocks” shirt

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ar. --  Virginity! Does the word evoke discussion of sexuality or religious beliefs?

Well, some folks in Fayetteville, Arkansas are asking themselves that question after eighth grader Chloe Rubiano wore a shirt saying "Virginity Rocks"

She got it last year, at a Christian festival.

Rubiano says, "I just really like the shirt because I was always raised that way."

Chloe's sported the tee numerous times, and she even wore it at her old middle school, and no one ever cried a fashion foul until now.

"I didn't really think anyone would make a big deal out of it."

But administrators at Chloe`s new middle school did because they said the shirt was "sexual" and could possibly be a disruption for class.

Chloe did have one administrator on her side, the vice principal---well, sort of...

"I love the shirt and I agree with it, but I don't think it's acceptable at school. It opens up too many doors for conversations."

After talking to a friend, Chloe and her mom both agreed that if the tables were turned, they'd feel differely.

Chloe's mom says, "If you have the right to say this, you also have the right to say, 'Sex Rocks.' And, I'm like, oh lord, he is right."

In the end, Chloe took the shirt off and vowed not to wear it to school anymore, but just because she can't wear it to school, doesn't mean it'll be disappearing from her closet. She's going to keep on rocking it.



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