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SAN DIEGO — A high school in San Diego is desperately trying to recall yearbooks issued to the senior class Friday after a suggestive photo was published, KSWB reports.

Patrick Henry High School issued yearbooks to the senior class on Friday and by Monday, the school was desperately trying to recall the annuals.

After the first batch of yearbooks was released, someone noticed a small picture showing a group of female students. People who have seen the picture say the girls are in a dog pile wearing bikinis flashing the “shocker” sign, which implies a sex act using one’s fingers. The girls are said to have also placed letters on their upper arms that, upon closer inspection, spell out another sex act.

“Apparently it must’ve just slipped its way in there,” said Joseph Zizzo, a sophomore at the school. “Most of the girls in the picture got a lot of privileges taken away.”

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